Deliberating South Africa’s Role on the UN Security Council - Year One

Department of Political Science and Centre for Human Rights (University of Pretoria)

This project was a collaboration between the Department of Political Science and the Centre for Human Rights. Funding was received to engage with South Africa’s foreign policy during the country’s second term on the UN Security Council. The aim of the project was to promote insights into how responsive the South African government were to the constitutional commitments of human rights, democracy, and the rule of law during their second term on the UNSC. The project focused on engaging researchers, members of the civil society, government officials, academic scholars, and the diplomatic community on these issues by hosting public seminars and conference events, a model UNSC debate by second year political science students, capacity building and reports on the activities of UNSC with a special focus on the SA’s role.


  1. Supporting the government in its foreign policy with specific reference to its membership of the UNSC;

  2. Strengthening partnerships and networking within the South African foreign policy community;

  3. Ensuring postgraduate research outputs on this theme;

  4. Infusing undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes with scholarly debate on the issues of human rights and peace and security; and

  5. to promote awareness and knowledge of these themes and issues.

Reports / Outputs: 

  1. Conference and other Events. Reports available at:

  2. Newsletters available at:

  3. UN Human Rights Commission Documents available at

  4. Un Security Council Resolution for 2011 available at:

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